Concord - Connecting Together

Consumer compatibility.

Technology purchases can be daunting for consumers. One of the primary goals amongst pure shelf appeal, was an easy method for purchasers to identify key product compatibility features.

Primarily this is for video resolution, such as 1080p or 4K, since most Concord products deal with video one way or another.

By developing this strategy, we were able to deliver packaging with clear compatible callouts, making finding accessories and related products, even in another part of a store, much easier.

Concord Products

Continuing the experience online.

Naturally, we developed a website to showcase Concord products, providing clear navigation and access to product data.

What made this a Limeworks project?

Identification of customer challenges.

We helped identify hurdles to purchase decisions, ensuring key features were a strong part of the brand, in packaging and online.

Repeatable imagery.

Our proven workflow allows new models to be introduced at any time, with new assets being developed identically to the existing ranges.

Seamless digital updates.

We developed a custom connection between Concord's core systems and the website, for seamless data flow.

Products automatically add and update on the website, removing the need for additional human resources just for product data.