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Not The Rob Bell Podcast

Episode 009

Startup Challenges & Corporate Solutions

Stories from a startup and how choosing your investors carefully is so important.

After spending a large part of her career solving problems for huge multi-nationals, Faith embarked on her own startup in the UK with her co-Founder and Husband Sandy, solving project management challenges for large corporates. While political turmoil significantly impacted the plans and the startup ultimately failed, they took away some powerful lessons and invaluable insight.

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Episode 008

Teenage Millionaire on Success and Growth

How Jack continues to grow as an Entrepreneur

Jack Bloomfield made headlines as a Teenage Millionaire, driving his BMW to school one day, flying interstate for a media appearance the next.

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Episode 007

The Strategy and Psychology

in Marketing

Kathy has made a name for herself in strategic development. With experience across agency, not for profit, and big business, she's developed a powerful perspective on marketing. We discuss so many aspects of good marketing, the power of events such as SXSW and Pause Fest for professional development, and so much more.

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Episode 006

Sales without Selling

The Art of Influencing

Freezma has been a content creator for 10-years. In that time he's evolved his brand and learnt a thing or two about content. With millions of YouTube views and a loyal social media following, we talk all things business, the magic of selling without a pitch, and so much more.

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