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Episode 017

Imports & Distribution

Striking a Balance

Stuart has built his company SCV Imports to become one of the leading importers of push bikes for the top end of the market. With a deep-seated passion as an athlete in this space, he's transformed his athletic energy into building his business.

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Episode 016

Customer Centricity Driving Change

Kate Young is fostering change by putting customers at the heart of everything.

Kate Young is the Senior Manager for Customer Centricity and Capability at ANZ. This insightful discussion looks at how to drive cultural change in huge organisations using a customer-centric perspective.

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Episode 015

When Your Profession Has a Purpose

How Josh transitioned from performer to mastering PR and creating a youth-arts company.

Josh Maxwell is driving youth engagement with the arts with the Central Coast's leading Youth-focused theatre production company, Jopuka Productions.

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Episode 014

Lessons from Over 2,000 Weddings

The importance of networking for successful business.

Jason Cole is a professional wedding photographer, and has photographed over 2,000 weddings during his career. We discuss how important network is for a successful photography business, the challenges of dealing with the biggest day of people's lives, and so much more.

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